Diane Patrick is a freelance editor and
writer who is in the business of helping
publishers, editors, agents, academics,
legal professionals, entertainers, and
business owners get their words out.
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My many enjoyable years as a New York City paralegal came
in handy when I became a contributor to legal trade
publications. The following is a list of some of my articles:
MCCA's 2004 Diversity Award Winners: Profiles of Law Departments and
Law Firms
Individual profiles of MCCA's 2004 award winners, honored with the Thomas L.
Sager, Employer of Choice, Rainbowmaker, and Trailblazer awards. These 22
honorees became diversity champions by demonstrating a sustained commitment to
inclusiveness within their corporate law departments or firms.
(Diversity and the Bar,
November/December 2004)

What's Hot/What's Not: Paralegal Hiring Trends (Legal Assistant Today,
March/April 1993)

Professional Status or Payment For Overtime: How Should Legal Assistants
Be Compensated?
(The Recorder (formerly known as The San Francisco Law
Journal), October 26, 1992)

To Be or Not To Be (Exempt): A Closer Look At the Paralegal Overtime Issue
(Legal Assistant Today, September/October 1992)

How Paralegals Can Assist With Depositions (Legal Assistant Today,
July/August 1992)

What's Hot/What's Not: Paralegal Hiring Trends (Legal Assistant Today,
March/April 1992)

Tips On Setting Up An In-House Training Program (Legal Assistant Today,
January/February 1992)

Using Demonstrative Evidence To Enhance Your Case (Legal Assistant
, September/October 1991)

Career Paths for Legal Assistants (Legal Assistant Today, May/June 1991)

Innovative Training Techniques (Legal Assistant Today, January/February 1991)

How To Effectively Assist At Trial (Legal Assistant Today, September/October
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