Diane Patrick is a freelance editor and
writer who is in the business of helping
publishers, editors, agents, academics,
legal professionals, entertainers, and
business owners get their words out.
portfolio: articles
My juicy portfolio of articles contains material in the three specialties
below. Please click on a specialty to see a list of associated articles.

Books, Authors and the Publishing Industry
Since 1996, I've covered authors, books and the publishing industry for
magazines such as
Publishers Weekly, Criticas, Black Issues Book Review
and Essence.

From the late 1980s to early 1990s, I helped make musicians in what was
then called the "contemporary jazz" genre sound good─on paper!--by writing
promotional materials (bios, brochures, liner notes, newsletters, press kits,
etc.) for various Atlantic, Columbia, RCA, GRP, and Blue Note Records
artists as well as for individual unsigned acts. (None of the sentences in
those materials were as long, though!) My articles on, profiles of, and
interview pieces with musicians appeared in
Billboard, JazzTimes, Jazziz,
The Wire (U.K.), and other publications.

The Legal Profession
My many years as a New York City paralegal came in handy when I became
a frequent contributor to the trade magazine
Legal Assistant Today. In 2004,
I profiled corporate law department diversity award winners for the magazine
Diversity and the Bar.
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