Diane Patrick is a freelance editor and
writer who is in the business of helping
publishers, editors, agents, academics,
legal professionals, entertainers, and
business owners get their words out.
I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning,
and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again.
--Oscar Wilde
Welcome, Dear Visitor!

You have arrived at the web-home of a professional
editor and writer. Sit down, take off your shoes and stay
awhile: browse through the list of my published
and articles in the Portfolio, be a voyeur into my life and
adventures through my
Personal Essays, or shop for
my professional
Editorial Services.

Anyone who knows me, personally or professionally, will
tell you that I love, love, love working with words.

That is why my portfolio contains everything from
feature articles to corporate profiles to almost a dozen
books--including a biography of the author Terry
McMillan and YA (young adult) biographies of Martin
Luther King Jr., Colin Powell, Toni Morrison, Walter
Dean Myers and others. I welcome clients from all over
the world.

So if you need a first-class, professional editor or writer
who believes in returning phone calls, meeting
deadlines, and producing excellent work, I invite you to
review my qualifications and contact me at
dpatrickediting@aol.com to discuss your editorial

With very best wishes,

(Smiling because that comma
is finally in the right place!)
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