Diane Patrick is a freelance editor and
writer who is in the business of helping
publishers, editors, agents, academics,
legal professionals, entertainers, and
business owners get their words out.
editorial services
I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil.
                                   --Truman Capote
Diane Patrick is available to provide a variety of services which involve the use and care of words. Services are offered to corporate
clients (publishers, editors, agents, book packagers) and individual authors; pricing is determined by the scope of the project. Please
dpatrickediting@aol.com to discuss your needs.

Book Projects
Services include everything from research to interviews to editing; pricing is based on the scope of the project. Diane is a highly
experienced, award-winning author of biographies for adults and young readers, and has contributed to dozens of reference books on
history, government, and contemporary figures.

Corporate Profiles and Histories
If your corporation or firm needs its biography written, Diane will perform the research and interviews necessary, and create a clear and
engaging document for your clients and colleagues.

Editorial Services
Copyediting, substantive editing, manuscript evaluation, concept development, research and writing. Clients have included Amistad
Press, Band-F Ltd. Book Packaging, The Franklin Institute Science Museum, HarperCollins Publishers, Mega-Books, Silver Moon Press,
Simon & Schuster, Stonesong Press and Thunder’s Mouth Press. (Please see
Editorial Services FAQ below.)

Magazine Articles & Columns
Thorough interviews, accurate research, clear and concise writing–delivered on time and error-free, for consumer publications and
industry-specific publications alike
, in print or electronic format. Contact Diane at dpatrickediting@aol.com  with your assignment.
rticles have appeared in:
Black Issues Book Review
Diversity and the Bar
Legal Assistant Today
Publishers Weekly
The Wire

Press Release Writing
As a journalist who has been on the receiving end of press releases for over 25 years, Diane creates press releases with both the client
and the journalist's use in mind. Clients have included media companies, record companies, book publishers, gourmet food companies,
and entertainers.

Research Services
Expert researcher and project manager for all types of nonfiction book and magazine projects. Diane has also provided special project
research and writing services to such clients as BBC Radio 2 and The Franklin Institute Science Museum.

Translation Editing and Consulting
Expert editor of translated content, especially for websites. When your text has been translated from the original language into English,
it still needs editing to sound smooth for English-speaking users and readers. Diane is experienced in text re-editing from French,
Italian, Spanish
, and German.

Workshop and Course Presenter
Diane Patrick is available as a speaker, panelist and guest instructor.
She has appeared in this capacity at:
  • The City University of New York Publishing Program
  • International Women's Writing Guild Annual Summer Conference at Skidmore
  • Center for Multicultural Children's Literature, New York City

Workshops offered include:
  • "The Editorial Process"
  • "Taking The Leap: The Challenge of Living Off of Your Writing”
  • “Writing and Researching Non-Fiction Books”
  • “Networking Skills”
  • "Art Versus Commerce: A Survival Guide for Creative Souls"
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Editorial Services FAQ

What do you do, Diane Patrick?
I make manuscripts look and sound better, while respecting the author’s voice and message.

Who do you do it for?
I work on nonfiction projects exclusively. An author once asked me why that was, and after I thought about it I concluded that it’s because of my personal preference for
nonfiction, my background in the legal profession, and my decades as a journalist! My editorial services clients usually come from publishers and agents, but I also have
private clients who are authors.

What services do you provide?
Manuscript Evaluation: A short assessment of your manuscript, to judge what it needs–such as developmental editing, copyediting, or a combination of those. This service
includes an editorial letter providing a fee quote for the recommended work and proposed schedule for completion of the work; the fee for the evaluation will be deducted
from the final fee for the overall work.

Developmental Editing: Working with the author to develop the manuscript from the initial idea, outline, or draft; providing recommendations on content, organization, and
presentation; helping to find and/or refine the author’s narrative voice. This service includes an editorial letter summarizing the findings and/or making recommendations of
needed changes.

Line Editing (also known as copyediting): Marking up the hard copy of the manuscript, line by line, correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and word usage while
preserving the meaning and voice of the original text; checking for or imposing a consistent style and format; preparing a style sheet that documents style and format;
reading for overall clarity and sense on behalf of the prospective audience.

Inputting Line Edits: Inputting the line-edits into the electronic version of the manuscript.

How much does it cost?
Since every project is different, fees for my services vary depending upon your project. I can quote you a fee after we have discussed your project and I have seen the

How do you do it?
Since each author’s manuscript is different, my editorial services will be tailored to the specific needs we agree upon after our initial discussions, which will include a
discussion and arrangement of payment terms. Then, I will prepare a contract for your signature, and we will begin! For my first look, the author may send an electronic
copy of the manuscript. However, my practice is to edit the manuscript on the page, so once author has contracted my services, I require a hard copy of the manuscript.

How do I find out more?
You may send an email query to dpatrickediting@aol.com. Please answer the following questions:
•        Is your work fiction or non-fiction?
•        Please provide a one-sentence synopsis.
At what stage is your manuscript: just an idea? just started? partially done? completely finished and ready to submit?
•        How many hard copy pages is it (after formatting double spaced, paginated, with 1” margins in 12-point font size)?
•        Are you self-publishing or seeking a book deal?
•        Please provide a brief author bio.