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Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Book of the Day:
Knowing God Intimately by Joyce Meyer
A year or so ago while channel surfing, I was mesmerized by a glamorous lady standing at a Lucite pulpit,
talking to her audience in a no-nonsense fashion. It turns out that she was Bible teacher Joyce Meyer, on her
Life in the Word television program, which is seen by more than two billion viewers worldwide (there is also a
radio version, broadcast on over 400 stations).

Not that I'm a religious animal, but there's something about her colloquial, straightforward manner, or the way
she doesn't cram the Word down your throat--or perhaps it's her stylish, often sequined and beaded wardrobe
(and coordinating leather Bible!), that compelled me to pause and watch--and listen to her practical teachings.

In addition to her program, Meyer keeps a grueling schedule: she travels extensively conducting Life in the
Word seminars; she records audio and video tapes of her teachings; she has a Web site at which her
half-hour television shows are streamed 24 hours a day; and she is a CBA bestselling author of some 53
inspirational books originally published by Harrison House. (On October 1, 2002, Warner Faith acquired the
titles and since then has sold 600,000 copies of her backlist titles.)

Her first new book with Warner is
Knowing God Intimately, which had a national laydown on April 1 with 95,000
copies. In the first four weeks, another 10,000 were shipped, and the publisher is seeing "encouraging
re-orders from several large ABA accounts."

In its review,
PW called Knowing God Intimately an "upbeat offering... For Meyer, God is in the details, and she
looks to the Holy Spirit for guidance in everything from finding her lost TV remote ('Immediately in my spirit I
thought of the bathroom and, sure enough, that's where it was') to solving serious problems, such as suffering
from sexual abuse." Warner is publishing her next book, How to Hear From God, in the fall.

With her extensive travel schedule, Meyer still found time to e-mail her responses to our questions on how she
does it all.

PW: Knowing God Intimately is your 54th book. What is it you do to keep this one, and each one you write,
new and fresh?

Joyce Meyer: Usually the topic of each book I've written has been one that I've been studying or reflecting on
for some time. What I share is usually lessons or truths I've learned as part of my life. Because I've been
thinking about it so much, it's a significant part of me. It's something that has been stirring on the inside of
me--and that perpetuates a freshness that hopefully translates to paper.

PW: With your busy schedule, how do you find time to write books? What's the writing process like for you?

JM: Since writing books is a priority for me, I purpose to make time in my schedule. Sometimes the time is an
hour or two in between other items on my agenda. At times I try to block out days when I can thoroughly devote
my time and energies to the project. I don't "push" the process. Usually I'll sit at the computer, and the ideas
and truths I want to convey just start coming.

PW: What was your first book, and when was it published?

JM: Tell Them I Love Them was published in 1995.

PW: After so long with Harrison House, what made you go with Warner Books?

JM: Harrison House is an outstanding publishing company that operates in integrity and passion. We
thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated our association with them. We chose to go with Warner because of the
many marketing avenues that they utilize which allows for a wider distribution. One of the basic goals of our
ministry is to help more people. The greater the exposure my books have, the greater potential there is for
people being helped.

PW: Now that you are with Warner, what do you think will change about your books and the way they get to
your readers?

JM: The content of my books will remain the same. I do expect that with the reputation and presence Warner
has, there will be a higher visibility in the retail market.

PW: You are often referred to as a "bible teacher." Sometimes in your presentations you note, "I'm preachin'
good now!" What's the difference between "bible teacher" and "preacher?"

JM: A bible teacher imparts information line upon line, precept upon precept, in a way that establishes a
strong foundation. A preacher generally has a more expressive presentation that not only teaches but also
encourages and exhorts the listener.  
--Diane Patrick